Logos & Branding

A good logo is a symbol of you and your brand identity. The following are some examples of logos created for local businesses. If you are interested in getting a quote for your logo, please let me know.

What’s your logo branding story?

logos_0003_Layer-Comp-4What is my logo story?!  I live in the RGB space between the web and graphics.  For this logo, I wanted something that represented the pixel as a building block. The square pixel was a bit boring and unfriendly to me.  Rounding my corners allowed it to fit my personal and friendly branding a little bit better.   I also gave it some action through placement of the individual elements.


Kim, I can’t thank you enough. Your talent is amazing, as is how quickly you are able to dispense it upon your clients!!! I told Nancy that I really expected this to be a process of back and forth with ideas and tweaks to designs and that eventually we would together come up with something great. I didn’t expect from your first ‘up at bat’ that you would knock the 2nd pitch out of the park!!!  You are AWESOME.  Tina M. Covey, President, CEO, Haute Monde Holiday LLC