Graphics:  Logos & Branding

A good logo is a symbol of you and your brand identity. The following are some examples of logos created for local businesses. If you are interested in getting a quote for your logo, please let me know.

What’s your logo branding story?

logos_0003_Layer-Comp-4What is my logo story?!  I live in the RGB space between the web and graphics.  For this logo, I wanted something that represented the pixel as a building block. The square pixel was a bit boring and unfriendly to me.  Rounding my corners allowed it to fit my personal and friendly branding a little bit better.   I also gave it some action through placement of the individual elements.


Kim, I can’t thank you enough. Your talent is amazing, as is how quickly you are able to dispense it upon your clients!!! I told Nancy that I really expected this to be a process of back and forth with ideas and tweaks to designs and that eventually we would together come up with something great. I didn’t expect from your first ‘up at bat’ that you would knock the 2nd pitch out of the park!!!  You are AWESOME.  Tina M. Covey, President, CEO, Haute Monde Holiday LLC




logos_0006_Layer-Comp-7creativedotkim-04 creativedotkim-02RR_Avatar BobSmith_Logo_Approved20150105_V2_Vert_White_RedBGlogosafmlogos_0000_Layer-Comp-1El3Globe-02